Saturday, January 21, 2012

Technically, I was there

My Dad's mother turned 'top of the shop' (90 years old) this week, and to mark the occasion, most of my family (the Brits) assembled at my Auntie's house today to stuff their faces with top English nosh, beer and cake - lots of cake.

Now these occasions are usually big homesickness triggers. And the more family assembled, the worse the sickness is. This morning, however; me and my brood were transported (at least audibly and visually) into the midst of the afternoon party, thanks to the wonderful invention of Skype, and a Father's willingness to conquer technology for the sake of his wandering daughter!

We were able to see and chat to members of the family that we hadn't been in touch with (save for Christmas cards) since before I emigrated from England. Kids were acquainted with their faraway cousins having never met them before, and Granny got to take a peek at her youngest Great Grandson whom she has yet to meet.

Skyping gave me the floor a little more than I'm comfortable with as we were passed around from Aunties to Cousins and between Uncles and Nieces, Granny and Nephew! The sound wasn't too great for conversation, but that only made for a more authentic experience as it's never easy to get a word in over the rabble when my side of the family get together. And Granny's 90th is the first happy excuse there's been for a massive family shindig in over a decade!

It was a pretty surreal experience to be hanging out in my pajamas while everyone else was dolled up for a party. With bed hair and mucky faces (and toast stuck in my teeth apparently) I laughed easily and happily with them all . After we logged off my husband asked if I felt at all like I was there. I thought about it for a moment before answering "Not really, but when someone says in the future, ''Remember Granny's 90th?', I can genuinely say, 'Oh yes!'". And for me, living an ocean apart, that means the absolute world.

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