Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Shamelessly homesick!

"Now, nobody's sayin that Hill Country Texas is the Garden of Eden, but it's been a good home to us, to me - Frank GALLAGHER Josie Bisett - and me kids, who am proud of! 'Cause every single one of them reminds me a little... of me."
In case you're wondering, this is NOT me. This is Frank Gallagher, the Shameless lead character in the classic Brit hit show. 

We've all been a bit homesick at some point, right? You know, that feeling you get after 10 days legged out on the beach in Magaluf or Cancun, when you start yearning for one or two home comforts, like your own (arse contoured) couch, Eastenders, or a cup of Tetley's brew - for example. For me, it's a bag of greasy chips, for the hubs, it's his Tex Mex.

It's great to get away - but even better getting home!

It can feel like something is gnawing away at your innards (like hunger pains) creating a hole that can't be filled by food - believe me, I've tried. Usually it's in the pit of your tummy - but sometimes it works its way up into your chest - and eventually your throat. That's when it gets so bad that tears are sprung.

At least that's what it's like for me. But I can't go 'home' at least not yet. In any case 'home' is not really my home anymore.

OK, so at the moment I am officially in that 'postnatal' phase. My hormones are raging - so maybe the world is not really coming to an end (thanks for that bit of insight husband dearest). 

But that's not really 'it'. 

True, I've had a similar feeling of melancholy come over me after the birth of all three babies. Not initially, though. I'm on cloud nine for the first fortnight, but then a more sober emotion sets in. It happens when I realize that THEY are not coming...

My family that is, the blood relatives.

This time the hunger pains are more acute. Each time I look at my beautiful baby girl I can't help a feeling of regret. I can't work out if it's me or them who are missing out.

The hubs lived unhappily in Hawaii for six months. Night after night he would watch that gorgeous romantic sunset, alone. It turns out, the most beautiful experiences in the world aren't quite so great when you can't share them with the ones you love.

I'm not saying the magic is lost (exactly), But how much greater would it feel to be able to show this lovely little lassy off to my mum and dad?

Perhaps it hasn't stung quite so bad in the past because I've known there'd be another chance. But this could be our LAST newborn experience. And my family are all 5,000 air miles away - they might as well be on another planet.

I know, I know! Cry me a river - right? Serves me right for marrying Texas Pete!

ANYWAY. To make up for missing my own Brit family I've adopted an on-screen British Northern family (a tad bit more dysfunctional than my own), the Gallaghers! Thanks to them I've been shamelessly entertained no end for the past few weeks.

Shameless's Steve is so yummy! 
The hubs and I were living in the UK when Shameless first hit the TV screens - how we managed to miss out on this Channel 4 masterpiece series, I'll never know! 

Nearly a decade on and living across the pond, instant NetFlix is bringing Shameless shenanigans into our home for the first time and right in the nick of time!  

We've always watched back to back episodes of old TV series, while yoga ball-bouncing our newborns during the night. The first baby got Everybody Loves Raymond and Yes, Dear! on TBS - that was back in the day we were still willing to fork out for digital TV! Our second kid was subjugated to the entire series of Roseanne on NetFlix (he needed a LOT of bouncing) - lucky Momma!

But this go around there's only British comedy on the menu. I wonder which kid will have the best sense of humo(u)r?

I've got to say, it's been great getting back to Britain (even if it's not really 'for real') - although, maybe it's only serving to make me more homesick! They're only running series 1-3 currently on NetFlix (Series 10 is just about to start back across the pond.) and sadly they've already written some of my new found 'family' out. Now I'm got even more people to miss! 

btw, this isn't just a shameless punt to get my folks over here! Well, maybe it is a little......


  1. Oh Josie, I can relate.

    My whole family is back in Michigan. I moved with my husband to Utah in '96. I've built a new life here and raised my own family, but every life-changing moment (childbirths, promotions, even holidays) weighs on my heart. I know the distance isn't nearly as far as yours, but I do understand.

    Glad you could get a bit of your world back via Netflix. Thank goodness for the internet, too, eh?

    1. Too right! I don't know how I'd cope without Skype and Facebook - and now my blog! They really help me stay connected! This morning my SIL posted a back-to-school pic of my three beautiful nieces - I cried (bitter-sweet tears) bucket loads!

  2. josie b., so sorry for your "missing." on some small scale, i get it. my sister is in oklahoma (we are the only two left from "our" family) and my oldest son is in NYC (trip planned for november).

    on the other hand... our American "shameless" on showtime is one our fave's each week when it is on.

    awesome read, hang in there, and take care, slu

    1. Thanks Slu, I'll bet you can't wait to see your son and his new family:) I haven't tried the American version of Shameless yet - I've heard great reviews though, so I guess we'll give it a shot. It's got a lot to live up to - The Brit show is a hard act to follow!

    2. well, i stopped back by to see if i was still here or what i may have done wrong... and: i'm still here, in living "black & white" print.

      i'm always happy to see that i'm still "alive."

      take care, slu

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